Find us and our range of seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruit,
every Saturday at the Palm Beach Farmers' Market (6am to 11.30am) and
every Sunday at the Bundall Farmers’ Market (6am to 11.30am)

Natural Bridge Organics are certified organic through ACO and follow the best organic and biological practices, ensuring nutrient dense food, environmental responsibility and sustainability through biodiversity, soil integrity and maintaining an ecological balance.


Our produce

Natural Bridge Organics grow a wide range of seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruit – organic, fresh, nutrient dense food. All the food we sell is certified organic and grown locally from non GM seed free from systemic insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers.

More about our produce 

Nestled in the Gold Coast hinterland, Natural Bridge Organics is an organic market garden farm and conservation sanctuary. We aim to provide our local area with the freshest, purest produce, grown here in the fertile volcanic soil of the Numimbah Valley.

More about how we grow

Natural Bridge Organics not only produces sustainable, beyond organic food while increasing soil health, it also has over 30 acres of active bush regeneration, restoration and conservation areas with over 15,000 trees planted.

Conservation and sanctuary